5 Pillars of Hybrid Learning

  admin         February 24, 2021

365..364…4..3.2.1 These are not just numbers, these are sentiments that perfectly describe a student’s mindset.

Students have been waiting for a year now to go back to school and meet their friends. Hybrid learning comes as a messiah to all the students out there.

Anyways, what could be better than Hybrid education where students get to attend schools 2-3 days a week and study from home for the remaining time.

Schools have also been fastening their seat belts for a few months and are now ready to take education to the next level.

Do you wonder what could be the major pillars of hybrid learning moving forward?


A new reform always comes up with new challenges. So, if you are planning to go hybrid, you must first analyze the present coursepack.

There are always certain elements in the course which are more complex and can be taught better in a face-to-face setup while others are absorbed better with infographics and online videos.

So, it would be good if all the teachers of a particular subject can decide on the course as per the schedule. Also, with hybrid learning, you get the added accountability of having a smooth communication process. Hence always ensure that your communication is at par and everyone is aware of the changes.

Tip of the day: Always design a performance-oriented structure in a fun-based environment

Flexible Instructional Collaboration

All students are not the same, some need regular sessions for doubt clearance and more motivational guidance while others are self-reliant.

However, when it comes to schooling, even the students who are self-learners believe in regular discussions with their teachers and other students. So, in such cases, it becomes really important to bring students that share common interests into a group where they can have a healthy discussion with teachers and other students around various topics.

Tip of the day: Leverage hybrid learning practices to promote the inter-personal growth of your students.


Let’s understand this concept by example, suppose the teachers plan a session on ‘Trigonometry. In a hybrid format, teachers can teach online, the basic formulas of it, and then students can solve basic problems at home, and eventually, in the face-to-face sessions, they can clear their doubts and practice the advanced problems.

However, merrier it seems in words, the process might be difficult to perform in reality. But the only skill that can help your students come out in flying colors is ‘self-study’,

Tip of the day: Hybrid or Blended, self-study must always top your priority list.

Two-way feedback

For many years schools have been taking feedback from students to assess a teacher’s performance. But it’s high time now that schools take feedback regarding the subjects or lessons taught and design the curriculum as per the insights received. Also, schools must always assess student’s career interests frequently. Nevertheless, in a hybrid learning setup, with a reduced batch size of up to 30 percent, teachers will have more clarity on each of the student’s interests, so their say is going to be critical while deciding on which student to put for which session.

This way schools can better design the curriculum and students would get more opportunities to excel in their areas of interest.

Tip of the day: Data is going to play a crucial role here, so always design as per the data-driven insights.


Self-evaluation is going to play a pivotal role in a hybrid learning setup. This time it would be worth-watching if schools ask the students to study their performance insights for a year and then set monthly academic and non-academic goals for themselves.

When the accountability will shift from the teachers to the students, students can perform much better and come out as leaders.

Tip of the day: With minimal intervention, push your students to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Classroom.live has always continued to be one such ‘demonstration site’ where wings are given to new ideas and old resources are re-utilized.

We have evolved our platform with time and expect our partners to do the same. It’s time that schools design an array of courses based on students’ interests and whole-heartedly embrace hybrid learning.

We promise to help you out in every step that you take and make your journey smooth.

When differential-teaching will meet data-driven instructions in a hybrid environment, it’s gonna be ‘Pawri’ time for sure!!

Do let us know through comments, on which pillars you are planning to build your hybrid castle?


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