5 ways to implement blended learning in higher education

  admin         December 8, 2020

Today is a special day!

Wanna know why?

Like you build an experiential learning environment for your students, the same way this blog would enable you to view blending teaching ways through Mr. Clog’s lens.

By the way, Mr. Clog is a science teacher and would be teaching the concept of force and motion.

Mr. Clog mailed a video to his students that described the key concepts related to Force and Motion. He asked his students to jot down notes, doubts, and real-life examples while they go through the video.

He wanted that his students had a fair idea about the topic before coming to the class as he didn’t want to waste his time on the theoretical things rather wanted to familiarise his students with practical applications.

After 2 days, the students came prepared.

The students were surprised to see Mr.Clog’s ‘station’ setup that promoted collaborative learning in unique ways.

Station 1

Mr.Clog had organized hands-on group activities for one set of students.

Station 2

This group was managed directly by Mr. Clog, where he addressed the doubts of each of the students. He majorly focused on building a critical thinking approach that enhanced problem-solving skills for the students.

This station expedited the concept-clearing process and made students ready for advanced concepts.


Station 3

Mr. Clog asked students from this station to go through online resources available, mainly videos and audios that would help them clear the concepts.

Wondering, how this concept will drive results?

Well, Mr. Clog believes in blended learning, and through flipped classrooms and station-rotation models, he aims to provide the students ample opportunities to work both independently and with their peers to reinforce learning and achieve subject mastery.

Do you know what can you achieve, if you blend in Mr. Clog’s way?

Not only do you leverage the benefits of online learning, but you also broaden the expanse of your students by preparing them with the skills they need to thrive in their career.

This golden equation of growth will seamlessly integrate into your course and can go hand in hand with various models:

online learning + face-to-face learning = blended learning!

Have a look at a few more models that could make your blended journey in higher education impeccable.


Ms. Mont believes in the course’s fluidity, taking one step at a time and improving the skill set of every student to master their areas of interest.

She issues tokens to every student on completing assignments. She has laid out the goal for them to have at least 80 percent proficiency, which means students need to acquire at least 4 tokens every week.

Every Friday, the students have sessions with Ms.Mont and update her about their progress and undergo formative assessments.

This model has helped Ms.Mont to make her students follow independent approaches and have a high degree of control over their own learning path and pace.

À la carte

Ms. Ellie on the other hand is quite concerned about her students who want to continue their studies along with their family responsibilities. The À la carte blended learning allows her students to take courses as per their availability and also let them choose their modality they will follow. This way, Ms. Elie enables her students to complete assignments when it is most convenient for them.


If you want your students to have on-hands experience in key lessons, then give your students some real-world assignments. This way they can implement concepts they have learned so far and put them in action.

Also, you can be their mentor and help them to identify the problem areas and provide guidance to arrive at a data-driven and well-analyzed solution.

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