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  • Making in class lectures delivery powerful with concept presentations, images, videos, recorded lectures and class notes.
  • Easy-to-use templates to create teaching resources.
  • Publish the class content for concept reinforcement and self paced learning.
  • Creating and posting assignments, project works and homework.
  • Conducting assessments for/of learning to improve academic performance.
  • Implementing revisions strategies along with doubt clearing sessions.
  • Implementing a flip class model for stronger conceptual understanding of difficult topics.
  • Conducting bridge courses for addressing learning gaps.
  • Precise remedial efforts using real-time deeper learning analytics.
  • Conducting need based online classrooms.


As educator are the pillers of education systems, we aimed to maximise the amount of feature we can provide to teachers to make E-learning more meaningful and indulging

Single Virtual Classroom

Interact & teach students who are miles apart with real classroom like experience

Automated Attendance

No worries about taking manual attendance with our easy report data analytics

Automatic Recorded Lectures

Self paced learning experience with recorded lectures makes teaching and learning real easy

Live Class with Whiteboard

Enables a teacher to explain via writing and drawing on the board to provide interactiveness

Share Screen Anytime

Share screen and allow the students to see your screen, specific tab or an application

Easy Content Creation

Create easy to make presentations with simple steps using toolkit

Give Assignment Online

Share assignments online and save time and energy with

Online Tests and Assessment

Create and publish tests online with Make evaluation process hassle-free

Instant messaging

Chat between teacher- students. Be it personal messages or group chats

Share Content

Enabling easy flow of content from teacher to student. Send PDFs and presentation instantly

Security & Privacy

Conduct fully secured & private live sessions with no third party intrusion


  • Reinforcement of concepts using resources like presentations, videos, notes and worksheets by teacher.
  • Individual doubt clearing session with subject teachers.
  • Helps in tracking the progress on an assignment/homework published by the school.
  • Keep a note of the feedback and remedial action prescribed by the teacher.
  • Frequent mock assessments for better understanding and improvement of grades.
  • Provision of learning analytical report to personalise improvement areas of the student.
  • Attendance report of the student can be checked at any time.
  • Provision of single and cumulative test analysis for monitoring student’s progression.
  • Student’s individual performance in comparison to the whole class performance.
  • Strategic revision plans.


Single Virtual Classroom

Interact & teach students who are miles apart with real classroom like experience

Hand raise

Use hand raise function to ask doubts. No query will go unheard with

Automatic Recorded Lectures

Self paced learning experience with recorded lectures makes teaching and learning real easy

Assignment and Assessment

Share assignments online and get quick evaluation with automatic assessment

Personalized Reports

Get personalised reports on assessment, attendance and performance

Parent Connect

Providing a platform for seemless communication with teachers and management


  • Have a digitalised school and not just LMS.
  • Not only manage school timetable but monitor the teachers schedule, classes conducted by each teacher.
  • Have data analytics day by day for various school functionality like students academic activity, teachers engagement, class by class learning growth.
  • Do academic audits for teaching strategies, teaching resources and level of assignments.
  • Upscale school evaluation system with the help of using appropriate technology and deeper learning analytics.
  • Make a robust assessment for learning by auto correction and feedback mechanism.
  • Make individualised improvement plan a reality by click of a mouse.
  • Monitor and mentor teachers for good quality teaching resources.
  • Give parents real time learning analytics reports of their children.
  • Keep a track of fees collection on a daily basis.
  • Switch to online mode without making any compromise to the school system of education.
  • Have a real-time dashboard ready with deeper analytics view of teachers data, student data, school assignments and assessments.
  • Give students a platform for anytime anywhere self paced learning with the school own learning content.
  • Manage group schools by one desk functioning.


Real Time Reports

Complete insights on live classroom sessions with real- time reports

Detailed Analytics

Digitalised record of all the sessions and attendance report access

Instant Notification

Get notified and enjoy consistent track of live classroom activities

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