Is your education delivery platform hybrid ready?

  admin         February 14, 2021

To what extent can the technology boom change our ways of learning?

Well, at the outset of 2020, students were sitting in a classroom physically and were attending lectures. But as the year progressed, you saw a transition from a complete closure of schools to an adaption of virtual curriculum. In no time, we had moved, the thought process changed and schools, colleges, and educational delivery platforms embraced this technological shift.

Now, as the pandemic situation betters off, schools are again left with food for thought. “Is Hybrid learning going to be the next game-changer?”

If you are wondering, what is the hybrid learning definition and how to take hybrid learning online, this blog can certainly address all your doubts.

Hybrid learning meaning can be toted up by the simple fact that if you want to experience the best of the two worlds, i.e traditional classroom sessions or experiential online learning, the hybrid learning model can certainly be that facilitator for you.

Here is a quick checklist to assess whether your education delivery platform is all ready to go hybrid?

Cloud-ready solutions are a new way out!

If your educational delivery platform never falls short of storage and has an advanced content management system at one place promising high-quality features and high-level data security, then you surely fulfill the hybrid criteria 1.

Seamless collaboration: the digital way

If you have a tech advanced LMS which allows seamless knowledge sharing through experiential videos, recorded lectures, smooth video-conferencing, an easily searchable knowledge repository, or a secured interface, then you certainly have an edge over other platforms looking forward to having hybrid learning in schools.

AI & Analytics Powered learning

A customized dashboard as per teacher’s needs and student’s progress proffering a flavor of personalized training and interactive learning plays a vital role in devising the hybrid learning strategies. Also, you must have heard that all students are not the same, so a step towards an analytically-designed, personalized curriculum has all the means to take you a step closer to your hybrid goal.

Mobile App Enablement

Most of the households today lack easy access to high-quality internet and laptops. So, mobile phones have now become student’s ally when it comes to attending lectures online. If you are thinking of implementing hybrid learning in covid times, you must ensure that your education delivery platform has an app that is easily accessible to the masses and is supported by iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

Dynamic Workflows

This feature is a “must-have”if you look forward to designing collaborative learning experiences through every ounce of classroom data generated. It doesn’t only help students perform better but also helps schools in tracking the productivity of teachers.

Seamless Deployment

It is really important to assess how seamlessly your education delivery platform can be deployed. Switching between on-premise, cloud, centralized, or via geographically distributed clusters must be simple and less time-taking.

Openness towards creative innovations

“Engagement” has emerged as the new coin in the hybrid learning approach. To fuel this driver further, social media has a lot to offer. If your educational delivery platform is social-media friendly, it can extensively support your hybrid journey. From conducting live lectures and having host discussions on Facebook to using Twitter’s 256 characters message board to teach students to keep their messages succinct, every bit of social media has unexplored opportunities. Social media platforms fulfill the core motive of hybrid, fun-based learning. For instance, to make the hybrid journey more fascinating, Instagram, the millennials’ storyboard can be used for photo essays.

However, all the above ideas are only viable if you have an education delivery platform that can support the before-mentioned functionalities or which can broaden its horizon with time.

Classroom. live is one such knowledge delivery platform that thinks ahead of time and keeps on updating itself to meet the gaps in futuristic ways of learning.

From being a teacher’s confidant to being a student’s companion, offers a seamless experience to its users, giving real-time data-driven actionable insights and a lot of toolkits to choose from, making the learning personalized with every click.

Besides, it offers world-class knowledge repositories and highly advanced management reporting tools with advanced data and information security.

Looking forward to skipping the roadblocks and having a smooth transition, then you are certainly at the right place!!




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