Top 5 online education tools that can help schools conduct online classes seamlessly!

Covid has given a new lease of life to online education tools!

During these crisis times, online education tools rescued the education sector by enabling schools to conduct online classes – providing all the key functionalities available in physical classrooms.

Virtual classroom softwares lets students and teachers interact and collaborate through an integrated set of online tools and features. They play an instrumental role in aiding teachers to make their lesson delivery effective and engaging.

This blog highlights features of the 5 best online education tools in the market. Let us analyze the pros and cons of each tool. The comparison below should help you choose the tool that is right for your school and offers what you are looking for!

CLASSROOM.LIVE is an integrated virtual education platform designed specifically for education delivery that helps educators to teach in a super-engaging and effective way.

It doesn’t simply mirror live classroom experiences,  rather enhances them to facilitate secured and personalized student learning with analytics capabilities. It’s a highly scalable platform currently supporting 1,00,000+ daily student live screens.

“Teacher’s ultimate partner”

The switch to virtual classrooms hasn’t been an easy one for teachers – their workloads have gone up significantly because simple everyday tasks like preparing lesson plans, reviewing assignments, compiling student reports and marking attendance have become complex and time-consuming!! helps alleviate the stress – by automating and supporting these administrative tasks so that teachers can manage their online sessions smoothly and focus on efficient content delivery.

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  • Live dashboard of school operations
  • Integrated assignment and assessment module
  • Session recording with adjustable playing speed
  • Student-friendly integrated LMS
  • Easy to create powerpoint presentations
  • Quick actionable notifications on session delays, student loss, etc
  • Weekly performance reports and automated attendance of students
  • Embed pictures, videos, URLs, apps effortlessly and make your sessions exciting!
  • Guarantees utmost security and privacy : classroom and LMS access through login credentials only
  • Helps in sharing notes and assigning homework : no need to switch to different platforms

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Impartus’s video-conferencing solution helps teachers extend learning experiences outside of the classroom – students can get live and interactive access to online sessions.The teachers can live-stream his/her video and presentation and interact in real time with students.

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  • Text Chat
  • Hand-Raise
  • Real-time Polls
  • Secured Access
  • Seamless integration with LMS
  • Timetable Based, pre-scheduled Recording
  • Analytics and reporting mechanism


Zoom integrates video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging functionalities into one easy-to-use platform. Zoom helps schools operate virtual classes through secure video communication services.

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  • Polls
  • Chatbox
  • Break-out rooms
  • Collaboration tools
  • Hand raise, yes/no buttons
  • Excellent audio/video quality


LearnCube offers a simple virtual classroom software that allows teachers to create comprehensive engaging virtual classrooms.It has an intuitive, student-friendly interface.

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  • Interactive whiteboard
  • High-quality audio & video lessons
  • Prompt technical support team
  • Integrates images, pdf and links to Google Drive documents seamlessly
  • Teachers can create content using pointers, conjugation tables, annotations on PDFs


Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that ties together Google’s G Suite tools for teachers and students. The interconnectivity of Google products such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Slides allows students to submit their assignments online and help teachers track students’ progress.

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  • Training & Support
  • Drag & Drop On The Classwork Page
  • Digital organizer to create and share learning materials with students.
  • Add content to assignments, such as video, PDFs, Google Docs or Google Forms survey.


The choice of a virtual classroom software has a huge impact on the effectiveness of a teacher in an online class – a good choice can truly enable teachers to thrive in this new era.

Be sure that you are not stuck using a web-conferencing software meant for business meetings – look for a tool that’s tailored-made for online schooling.

List down your priorities – consider your requirements, student preferences, infrastructure availability, budget constraints etc – and then go compare all the tools mentioned above, to pick the one that works best for your school.

Do not forget to take a free test drive of each tool, before you reach a conclusion!

Unleash the power of virtual classroom softwares to

create impressive learning experiences!