Free tools for teachers that can save time while preparing for online classes

Let’s go out and chill for a while, it’s Sunday tomorrow.

Sunday?? I thought it was a weekday; I have so many things piled up; I don’t think I will be able to make up.

Since the pandemic took us all over, we have been consistently trying to adapt to the online wave. From online corporate businesses to online education, there has been a major transformation across all sectors. While this change has made us all overworked and overstressed, we lost our “personal time”.

For teachers, scenarios worsened as the mode of teaching took a 180-degree turn. With this, there came a need for free tools that could lower teachers’ burden.

Here is a quick guide to simple tools that can help you out.


Do you ever get tired of searching for a particular infographic that fits into the context and makes the lessons much comprehendible?

Of course, things were easier when lessons could simply be explained through the board, but since you need to adapt to online ways that are visually attractive and engage your audience, you need to think out of the box.

Canva, a graphic designing platform helps you do that!

From an eye-pleasing PowerPoint presentation to highly engaging videos, you don’t need to hunt anywhere else. Just make a free account on Canva and be ready to be hooked by its astounding features.



Now that you are adjusting to the fast-paced online environment, you must be exploring various informative sources or reading various research papers online that you can share with your students.

But don’t you ever feel the need of saving everything together in one place that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Well, Pocket gives you that liberty!

The simplest and the quickest, Pocket gives you a tranquil personal environment on your laptop where you can curate online videos, audios, articles, etc on a single click that too in a clear space. Once you have the content, enjoy that on any device without any distractions, offline.


Have you lately been looking for a tool to conduct live and instantaneous quizzes?

It’s time to make your assessments, nothing but just awesome.

Kahoot lets you design amazing quizzes in multiple languages in seconds, making learning fun. Plus, you get to combine your quizzes with polls, puzzles, and slides. Indeed, it’s the best option to host live games where questions and answers can be displayed on student’s screens.

Google Docs Voice Typing

As a teacher, how many times did you wish for something that could automatically type your notes as you speak?

Obviously after draining your mind while preparing for sessions that stand out, little are you left with energy to type your class notes.

Well, there is this simple feature on google docs that can fulfill your wish. Just click on “Blank Doc” then go to “Tools” and select “Voice Typing”. In no time, your notes will be made while you close your eyes, relax for a while, and narrate your notes. It’s as simple as it seems.

So, do give it a try from your chrome browser!


Don’t you agree that we simply ignore some features that are already inbuilt in our systems?

It’s time to know about some amazing features that can ease your work..

“Narrator” is one such tool that can be accessed via: Start button – Settings – Ease of Access – Narrator. Once you are there simply switch it on, it will convert all the text to speech while you sit back and listen to informative resources online.

Steps to be followed :

a) Select the area that you like to be read aloud inside a webpage or any document.

b) Press Caps Lock + R and the Narrator would read out everything to you. You can simply stop it from speaking by pressing the Ctrl key.

Google Drive Easy Storage

Have you been saving all your teaching treasures to Documents folders? Problematic? Maybe not initially, but if you’ve been using the same device for a long period, it’s not unheard of to accumulate hundreds of documents in one folder.

Google Drive lets you create digital repositories that enable you to store, organize, edit, access, and share documents from both homes and work computers.

What are some of your personal favorites? Do tell us!

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