How can teachers up-skill themselves for blended learning delivery?

Do you know what is the usual mindset of a human mind?

Well, we try to incorporate such things in our day-to-day actions that we have learned so far; we don’t usually go about trying new things or bringing an innovative approach to the same old practices.

The same goes for the teachers, as a teacher it’s a usual practice to follow the same teaching style as their teachers, sometimes some bits and pieces of modifications in it but not an entirely different approach.

But how long is this ideology going to sustain?

With the government’s education-related reformations, high adoption rate of live online classrooms, and continuously evolving employment demands, we need to change our focus from “what to deliver” to “how to deliver”.

Well, recently there has been a wave of blended modes of teaching.

The foundation of this new-age pedagogy is built upon some key elements like support, training, and freedom to experiment. With a shifting mindset, teachers are now more open to trial and error based approach to carefully craft the ways of teaching, laying more emphasis on upskilling themselves to be at par with the changing scenarios.

If you are also looking forward to some breakthroughs in your classroom.

Here are a few tips to bring the blended learning revolution in your classroom.

Get trained in blended learning by the experts

First of all, you need to understand that blended pedagogy is not only about learning new technologies and experimenting with that in a live classroom. The true blended learning is more about applying the new tech-enabled concepts to your classroom and checking the real-time improvements in your student’s performance and growth.

It is best to partner with professional training providers that can assist the teachers in mapping our blended learning approaches and assisting them to devise ways that lead to fruitful outcomes and are critical to technology implementation.


Understand Yourself, Understand your students

With the changing roles of teaching, it’s important to make your students understand what is expected of them and how they should proceed about it.

It’s been a high time that you have been more of a preacher, the time now demands you to be facilitator, intervenor, and guide depending on your student’s needs. Obviously, with the high adoption of e-learning courses, the students do not look towards teachers as their single source of information, now they rely on online resources too.

So you need to be comfortable with the idea that your students might approach you for better clarity on the online resources available.

Not only do you need to ensure effective technology-based learning then, but you also need to ensure that your students are aware of the dos and don’ts of using certain delivery platforms in addition to digital know-how.

Progress, but at your own pace

As always, teachers are embracing the change whole heartedly towards blended learning pedagogies and are coming up with solutions that are out-of-the-box and effective. But it’s always advisable to start with the basic ones, then eventually add small digital components to your innovative solutions.

Moreover, your blended tech-based teaching approach should be such that makes teaching accessible to all and promotes learnings that meet diverse needs. To start with, take baby steps, begin with workstations, rotation stations, and flexible grouping, then go for blended learning teacher training for a one-size-fits-all solution that grows and changes with the pace of teachers involved.

Know about the digital tools that can save your time

For full-fledged integration of blended learning in your teachings, first ensure that you are aware of all the digital tools that save your time. Blended learning majorly focuses on personalized growth. So if and only if you can dedicate more time to individual students than only you can turn up the blended learning methodologies in your favor. 

Besides, it’s always good to have a good hold of technologies because that forms the heart of these fast-paced changing scenarios.

Wrapping Up

Blended learning has the potential to fill in the gaps of a traditional approach to teaching, but only if treated as the means or a solution, and not the goal.

Ready to Blend in Your Classroom?

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