Problems Of Teaching Online And How To Solve Them

Are you involved in teaching and delivering courses online?

If yes, this blog will be a surefire piece to learn how to overcome common obstacles of teaching online. 

Amidst COVID19 pandemic, registration to distinct types of online courses has witnessed a surge. In fact, the school’s classes and college lectures are now scheduled for webinars and private classrooms.

Platforms such as Microsoft Team, Zoom, Skype, and many others are being considered as the saviours of the time. 

With the rising number of sessions (lectures or classes) per day, online tutors are facing some unique problems within their courses. These issues are varied; from some technical execution to reduced student engagement rates. 

A few such issues, if not correctly resolved, can hamper the quality of online courses you deliver and can even damage your reputation as an online instructor. 

However, most of these problems (whether complicated or not) can be addressed quickly. 

Read on to learn about some common issues that you might face (or be facing) while teaching online, and how you can solve them instantly. 

  1. Beginner in the Online (tech) teaching format 

Majority of teachers and lecturers are new to this format and way of teaching. 

Online whiteboards and digital screens are replacing physical classrooms and blackboards. But is every tutor aware of the drill to master the online teaching format? 

Gloomily, the majority of tutors are struggling to adapt and understand modern technologies. That’s the reason they find themselves misstepping on something or the other. 

It’s part of the process of learning how to expertly teach online. 

To make sure you ace the online tools to teach your students, you can take some extra steps to hone your learnings. Apart from the tutorials of what your institution might be engaging you with, you can focus on different learnings to minimize any errors and lower your anxiety level. 

What can you do to master online teaching format? 

  • Read some information-rich online teaching blogs or articles (just like this one)
  • Reach out to a few of your peers, friends, or family, who might help you in understanding the drill of the modern Edtech tool
  • Always browse through the changes or upgradations in the policies and procedures related to online teaching (they may differ from institution to institution)
  • Make notes for yourself or maybe maintain a to-do list! 
  • You can even learn about the tools on YouTube (the easy way out) 
  1. Dealing with a poor student review or administrator evaluation 

Yes, every institution has the policy to take feedback from students once an online tutor completes delivering his/her class or session. 

Now, what if you (as a tutor) receive poor feedback? 

Well, first, you must note that this is the bane of all online educators’ communities, sometimes you can make peace with it, and sometimes you can’t. 

Therefore, don’t despair, and don’t you ever think that your teaching career is over. Criticisms are part of life. 

How can you deal with poor student reviews?

For online classes, the chances of getting criticized in the feedback form are high. 

In such situations, instead of getting entirely pessimistic, you must ask yourself, “Is this something that really needs some working from your side?” 

If the answer to the above question is ‘yes,’ then start making a list of the areas you must improve to satisfy every other student on your online teaching panel. 

Taking such steps will help you with nurturing and improving future courses or lessons.  

Finally, you must also know, no matter how good you are fulfilling as an online teacher, there will be occasions where a few students might decide to punish you for the poor grades you provided them with in the last exam. That’s human (isn’t it!). 

Deal with it graciously and in a positive manner. 

  1. Time Management 

Apparently, many people perceive online tutoring as an easy medium when compared to face-to-face classes. 

This perception is entirely wrong. 

The level of responsibilities, workload, deadlines, and communications to perform are ongoing and intense. In fact, while handling everything online, the instructors find themselves battling with time to meet the deadlines, resolve every student’s query, create papers, and then catch up with their personal life as well. 

With so much to deal with, not managing your time correctly can be disastrous. 

How can you efficiently manage your time while taking online classes? 

First things first, learn to be organized. When you are organized in all the tasks you perform, you can assuredly check all the boxes off your to-do list. 

Avoid leaving any task until the last minute. Doing this will pile up the tasks, and may increase your anxiety level as well – ultimately affecting your work-quality. 

Make use of online reminder tools or mobile applications to get reminded of your daily checklist. 

Read some of the highly effective online time management articles available on the internet. 

Lastly, let your family and friends know that you’re not to be disturbed while you’re working or in the middle of your class. 


In the online space, you can easily overcome the organizational, technical, and philosophical barriers. 

Commence with something that’s small and simple; you’ll gradually learn all about the Edtech space and the tools that make it so engaging and excellent. 

Be active and discuss a lot about this field and how one can master the online teaching techniques with your peers and seniors. 

While you head on to the journey on teaching online, be prepared for some real grilling, hard work, a little disappointment, and a great deal of satisfaction.

What problems of teaching online affect you the most? 

Did we answer your query? Let us know in the comments sections! 

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