Variety is the spice of online education

Which one do you prefer of the two?

“Unleash the enthralling beauty and hold your breath to get mesmerized with Connecticut! “


“Visit this amazing place called Malta!’

There is a high probability that Connecticut would instantly go into your bucket list if a choice needs to be made between the two.

Why so?

It’s because our mind gets driven to creative ways that form abiding impressions on us.

The same goes for teaching, the things you deliver regularly in the same tone and structure make your teaching monotonous, eventually.

So why not spice up your work a bit and experience remarkable results in the way you teach?

Here are some quick tips for you :

If your students are bored with the mathematics puzzles, just add a creative touch to your approach.

Pop Culture Classroom

Ask your student to design mathematics comics or memes

Well, don’t you think teaching is an art? Every time you -’ the sage’ goes on stage, you have an added pressure to outperform yourself to keep your students engaged, but what if you don’t have that comic talent?

Obviously you can’t afford your subject matter to appear dried.

In such cases, you can make a difference through attention-grabbing assignments.

It’s time to put engagement and learning on equal footing.

Ask your students to design mind-boggling memes related to different chapters using their favorite characters, just like Marvel and DC or other superheroes.

Make Learning Accessible at home

Now that you have explored the character-based content, you need something spicier to keep hold of the user’s engagement gained so far.

So why not ask your students to prepare home-based assignments using simple objects at home to reflect their ideas or to bring out something innovative. Of course, you can plan everything as per your course?

You can also ask your students 3-D playful models using simple, easily available natural objects that could explain the complex concepts effortlessly. For example, you can ask your students to design something creative just like the image below to explain important concepts like that of pregnancy. Not only will it deliver meaning, being simple and minimalist, it will attract attention of the rest of the students too.

And of course for a teacher, the more the students gain, the better it gets for a teacher.

Besides, such activities keep your students’ interest level intact, imbibing learning at the same time.

For the students in higher classes, they can be asked to devise models that demonstrate their knowledge level, their research, their creativity, just making things more interesting.

Design an Airplane –

History with fun

History deals with people that once lived and places that were once celebrated. But that doesn’t mean you need to deliver lessons in ways that are lifeless. Instead, make the lessons engaging as history is about experiencing rather than evidence -gathering.

Though there are numerous project-based methods that would boost your students’ knowledge about war battles using colors and costumes.

But you should definitely give a try to Google Earth

It has got amazing features like “Choose your adventure with Voyager”.

It lets you have a guided tour around the earth with the world’s best storytellers, scientists, and nonprofits. Through this, you will find yourself immersed in various cultures, plus your knowledge also gets boosted while you solve puzzles related to places.

If you are worried if it would consume a lot of data, it would be best if you can play it with your students over a live classroom session, where your students can answer each-stage riddle to unlock the final destination.

Time to play the game Catch Carmen Sandiego where you need to track the thief and recover the stolen amount by solving riddles about different places and eventually reaching the place where she is hiding.

And a bonus idea? It’s the 21st century. It’s okay to step into the video game world to help do all of this.

Music & Fun

Sometimes, as a teacher, we forget to give importance to something as vital as music.

But it’s best to not ignore the most important language that’s understood by one and all – “Music”.

Once in a while, you can keep entertaining sessions with your students where they perform their self-written songs, present joint family raps or do other things of their interest.

When you introduce music in the classroom, you introduce emotion. When you introduce emotion, you have engaged the students.

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